m!M signed contracts with a new generation of interns

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a meeting on January 11th, 2018 with a new group of higher education students who applied for state-sponsored internship program in our organization. This year eight young students applied who wish to gain new experiences and competences in many fields which comprise the field of work at m!M. We were joined by interns from Podgorica and Nikšić.

Attending interns were introduced to the type of work and activities performed at the organization. Presented at the meeting were previously accomplished tasks as well as the rules and duties to be performed during the internship. Besides, new interns were introduced to the new application designed for aspiring youths, as well as websites www.mladiinfo.mewww.mladiniksica.me and www.mladiberana.me on whose maintenance and publication activities they will work.

During the course of the program, interns will acquire skills in journalism, sports reporting, translation work, proofreading, applied informatics as well as marketing. They will take part in increasing visibility of youth topics, promoting and highlighting the importance of informal education and personal and professional development. m!M seeks to provide the young with new opportunities to fulfill their goals and needs, as well as express their talents and possibilities, all with the goal of community welfare in mind.

Members of m!M team are confident that with the help of new, young candidates in the next nine months, through joint efforts will be able to realize our projects and get closer to the accomplishment of our mission. Finally, contracts were signed and cooperation was established to the mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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