m!M team attended “Tools for Social Development” seminar

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro had its volunteers attend the “Tools for Social Development” seminar, part of the Erasmus+ program, held 1-8 December 2017 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. The event gathered 20 attendands and 5 personal assistants from around 10 countrires. 

Training course comprised several different workshops, including working with young disabled persons and understanding their needs.

Initially, our volunteers were introduced to many conceptual training activities such as “ice breaking” and “team building”. “Ice breaking” is a game which is utilized for introducing attendants to each other and stimulating discussions in order to bolster events which rely upon communication and exchange.

“Team building” activities helped our volunteers improve cooperation in areas which demand team work, in community work, and in improving group dynamic. In the course of the week, they had opportunity to find about different ways of getting in touch with others and developing mutual respect within group. In the informal part of the event, our volunteer Kristina Pavićević read an excerpt from “The Mountain Wreath”, and Miloš Đuranović and Marina Cvijović demonstrated the traditional Montenegrin folk dance.

As a final effort, the attendants succeeded in performing a play in the local theater for the local audiences and recorded by a TV station.

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