m!M traditional donation for women 

The non-governmental organization Mladiinfo Montenegro organized an action on the occasion of the March 8th Women’s Day when it gifted the wardens, employees and volunteers of the Safe Women’s House from Podgorica.

We decided to make their Women’s Day more beautiful, because we think that this small sign of attention can make their smile come out and give them the strength to persevere in their struggle.

In an informal conversation between representatives of the two organizations, it was concluded that greater efforts should be made in the area of women’s rights, freedom and, above all, to work on combating violence against women.

The action of giving roses and congratulations went on Independence Square with the aim to remind the citizens of the importance of this holiday celebrating women and their eternal struggle for human rights, equality and breaking stereotypical behavior and gender prejudices.

Each message contained a quote from a famous writer, thinker or artist dedicated to a woman, her beauty and her importance, as well as support messages.

Local women, known as shy, were surprised and had smiles on their faces, read our messages and received praise for this gesture of attention.

This action has become a tradition and is organized for the fourth consecutive year. The sponsor of the campaign was flora “Flora”, which from its assortment singled out roses intended for Safe Women House.

Once again, m!M team, to all women, congratulates the holiday, Happy Eight March.

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