Montenegro Sportsman Award 2019

On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of National Teams, a gala ceremony was held on March 12, 2020, in hotel Hilton. The ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth. In his opening ceremony speech, the Minister of Sports and Youth, Nikola Janovic, stated that the nation not only celebrated its achievements in sport, but in national identity, as well. He said that athletes fought equally hard for their country and the medals and therefore they had no intention of handing over their national symbols and letting others desecrating hard won victories.

“Actually, we are celebrating the Day of Montenegro and its athletes. I do not want to believe that out there exist people who would deny Montenegro its glorious and patriotic history, its right on many cultures and religions that were annulled at the beginning of the last century. We won’t let anyone do it again, be it under the disguise of mantle, military robe, or sheath”, Janovic said. He said that he expected the Day of National Teams to be a guide to athletes through the matches and future victories. Janovic emphasized that the 2nd Day of National Teams was celebrated in the name of remarkable results that the Ministry achieved through hard work, dedication and knowledge of all employees in that governmental department. In order to strengthen the cult of Montenegrin national team, together with Montenegrin Olympic Committee, the Paralympic Committee and national federations, young athletes that represent the future of Montenegrin sport, needed to follow their idols, who carried the glory of the state to the world, which was, according to Janovic, the real example of love for Montenegro.
“Only fair and dignified victories properly convey the name of our Montenegro around the world and contribute to its further Europeanization,” Janovic concluded.

The best and the most promising athletes in 2019 were honored at the ceremony. Among the winners, the most prominent one was Nikola Vucevic. His sister received the award on his behalf. The award was given by Montenegrin president, Milo Djukanovic.

The ceremony was attended by the highest representatives of state institutions and the heads of Montenegrin Olympic and Paralympic Committee, national sports federations and athletes. At the end of the ceremony, the organizer promoted a ten-minute film about achieved results, the most significant victories and historical moments of Montenegrin sport.

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