NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro at training in Serbia

Within the project “Less Opportunities + Media Tools = Better Opportunities”, which was implemented in partnership with the Youth Workers Alliance, representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended training in Vranje (Serbia), in the period from 14th April 2018 – 22th April 2018.

Through this training, the participants had a lot of opportunities for learning and personal development. As part of the program, applicants had the opportunity to hear how to use in the best way the media space available to them on all types of media. The participants had the opportunity to gain new knowledge in the field of journalism using non-formal education methods, team work and workshops that consisted of debates and discussions, simulation games.

At the end of each working day, applicants made evaluations. The official language of the training was English, so the participants had the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of English language. Acquiring knowledge about the function of non-governmental organizations and how to make good marketing about the organization and its business, was a great opportunity for improvement. The presenters had the opportunity to learn how to create a good CV as well as a motivation letter, how to create a website for non-governmental organization. All participants had the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge about the function of the Internet, advertising on the Internet, advantages and disadvantages. Due to the large number of interactive workshops, the participants improved their teamwork.

The project organized an interview with the local population in Vranje about their involvement in the work of non-governmental organizations, where participants were able to get in touch with representatives of local TV and radio stations.

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