NGO Preporod held workshop “Antidope ambassador”

A representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro Miloš Vojinović  took part in the three-day workshop “Antidope ambassador” from 1st of March to 3rd of March 2019. The aim of the workshop is to promote awareness of peers in their own or other schools about the dangers of psychoactive substances. 

On the first day followed by meeting with the President of the NGO Preporod who organized this workshop, and later followed the meeting with the other participants as well as the main coordinator Nikola. 

After introductions discussion began about the normative beliefs of participants on psychoactive substances. The second day began early in the morning talking about the real consequences of the use of psychoactive substances. Later that day, the participants met and led the theme on assertive behavior and the importance of this behavior in offering substance. Besides this done the quiz on knowledge picked up in class that have already been carried out. The third meeting of the day to take advantage of the debate that is also related to psychoactive substances. 

The last or third day, they gathered in the morning and held the last workshop, which was based on Role Play, where participants could exhibit and acting skills. After Role Play-a time they used to summarize the knowledge they have gained in the past three days of ambassador.

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