Online assembly Centre for European Volunteering

The NGO Mladiinfo attended an online assembly organized by the Center for European Volunteering on October 21, 2020. The conference is part of the CEV 2020 Autumn Volunteering Congress and was held online, with the support of the European Volunteering Capital Padua 2020.

The Congress consisted of the following events: CEV General Assembly; Panel discussion “Volunteers as a force of solidarity in times of crisis”; Presentations of EV Capital 2022 candidates and the conference “Sewing Solidarity Together”. The autumn congress of CEV volunteering in 2020 is supported by the “Europe for Citizens” program and the municipality of Padua. The participants of the congress are volunteers and representatives of civil society organizations, municipalities and EU institutions.

The aim of the conference was to present the goals of the organization for the future period, financial reports and projects that will be held in the coming period. At CEV, volunteers are key to building a cohesive, sustainable and inclusive society based on solidarity and active citizenship, and as a European network of organizations, their work is mostly dedicated to volunteer support and volunteering. In the coming period, CEV will implement a communication strategy that includes people and the narrative of volunteering in stories shared and disseminated, facilitate and encourage cross-sectoral cooperation that is high quality and based on good practice and does not oppose the principles of volunteering supported by CEV and provide CEV members. and information on European policies and programs that have an impact on their voluntary and solidarity activities.

The final part of the conference was intended for participants and a debate of representatives of organizations on the organization of people in volunteer groups, how to continue their work after the current crisis of Covid-19 and how to get help from local institutions.

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