Our volunteers at the training in Stara Lesna, Slovakia

Nataša Vukajlović was a participant in the “Media behind the scene” training, which was organized in Stara Lesna, Slovakia.

The aim of the training was to raise the professional competences of young media creators and foster their responsibility towards society, contribute to public media literacy and the ability to conduct basic (mass) media analyzes, as well as reflecting and combating manipulative practices in (mass) media.

“At the same time, it was a good opportunity for young journalists and those who would meet the media scene in Europe and beyond, the challenges that accompany each participating country, share their experiences with colleagues, entertain and get new friendships. Part of the program was is to learn about the cultures and traditions of other countries, their way of life and customs “. A wide range of workshops included interactive exercises, group works, individual assignments, as well as critical reflection on participant presentations. In addition, during the training we had the opportunity to visit RTV Kosice, get acquainted with the work of local daily newspapers and see the sights and beauties of that city. We also visited the famous mountain chain High Tatras, an area known for winter sports. – Natasha stressed. Seven days with participants from Slovakia, Armenia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Lithuania, as well as wonderful members of the Montenegrin NGO” MladiInfo Crna Gora “through which I was given the chance to participate in the training helped me expand the aspects , but also the acquisition of knowledge and the use of common experiences that I think will be useful to me in further work in the field of media. Every young man, whether he is the future representative of the seventh force or not, would recommend to experience this or similar experience and to regularly monitor the activities of the non-governmental organization” Young Montenegro. “I am sure that he will find a program or training that will correspond to his spheres of interest and desire“, said Nataša.

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