Professional Training Certificates Awarded to University Students

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) on 16 October, 2017 awarded certificates of completed vocational training to university students who worked for the organization. Over past nine months, young people from Berane, Niksić and Podgorica have been learning about the journalism, writing for online media, marketing and have been engaged in translation, diplomacy, sports, healthy lifestyles, computers.

They have improved the knowledge previously acquired at university, and acquired a new one. Trainees have improved their communication skills, but also learned how to work on a team. They also had the opportunity to work with marginalized groups, since young people with disabilities, as well as young Roma people, are training within the organization. In addition, they attended various workshops, conferences, round tables and other events where they learned about migration, entrepreneurship, journalism, human rights, creative and correct writing, active participation of young people, volunteerism, etc. They enriched their resumes, but also gained a meaningful professional experience valuable for their future career development. Some of the higher education degree students will continue to be a part of m!M teams through volunteering activities, and others through the employment.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro will also participate in this year’s program of professional training for university students, so young people from Berane, Niksić and Podgorica who want to learn, work and socialize, are welcome to apply.

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