učesnici radionice u ključu

Representative of M! M at an international workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro took part in an international workshop entitled “Map the gap” held in Ključ, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop was held from 12 to 16 April 2019. NGOs from Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey also participated.

As a member of the Montenegrin Youth Forum, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro had the opportunity to provide an opportunity for one participant from the organization to participate in the creation of brochures on the topic of local actions and financing. On the first day participants mainly spoke about various local initiatives and actions that were implemented in their countries of origin and thus shared the experience but also adopted some new techniques.

An activity followed in which the participants were asked to draw out what the partner explains to them in this activity. This was also an introduction to the working part of the workshops, and it also served to remind participants of different experiences and perspectives, and thus prepare for potential difficulties in understanding during the work itself.

After a group agreement / contract was made with the aim of respecting the common working, but also living space, the allocation of the symbolic gifts of the organizers was then awarded by the participants themselves to each other. After that, issues related to the local initiative were identified, where participants were asked to provide answers and definitions that would be an integral part of the brochure. Each of the teams had the task of giving concrete guidance in developing a local initiative and in the simplest way approaching what can be achieved at the local level and how to actually put into action a local action.

After discussing each issue and segment of work on this brochure on the second working day, the brochure on local initiatives was successfully completed. On the third working day, the participants were divided into four groups and each group was given the experience of the participants to develop one of the themes, So, one of the groups had the task of explaining the reasons, ways, and explaining step by step the collection of funding for projects, campaigns, events and online fundraising. After completing discussions, upgrading and editing on the texts themselves but also graphic details, with collective agreement, content and other brochures, is completed. These brochures will serve all those who want to contribute to the development and improvement of conditions in their local community for both individuals and groups of citizens, to get ideas and develop, but also successfully implement their action.

These brochures provide detailed explanations of what a local action is, but also how to get the necessary permissions, how to emulate the idea, gather supporters, provide the necessary help, etc. The texts are written in plain, everyday diction, so no expert knowledge is needed from different fields.

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