učesnici događaja u draču

Representative of m! M at the leader’s meeting in Durres

Representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the meeting of the leader in the project “Nature is all arround us”. The working meeting was held in Durres, Albania, from the eighth to the 11th of April 2019. In addition to partner organizations from Montenegro, other partners from the project took part from Albania, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and Hungary.

At the working meeting, details were agreed regarding the upcoming activities, such as a training course, two youth exchanges and a final event.

During this project, a “online” platform will be developed, the contents of which will be created by the participants themselves. Each of the activities will be held in Albania but in different cities. This project is an opportunity for more than 15 young people from Montenegro to get acquainted with the basics of ecology and how to use natural resources, but also to live in harmony with nature.

In the working part, technical details of the project have been agreed upon, and guidelines for the profiles of future participants for these activities have been established.

The project itself aims to educate young people about the natural environment through active citizenship and in line with European democracy.

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