Round table on draft law on media held in Podgorica

Round table on draft law on media was held on 22. February, in hotel “Podgorica”. Many representatives of media, representatives of international organizations, as well as Minister of culture of Montenegro Aleksandar Bogdanović, have attended to the event, who was first to address to the audience. Also, the Ambassador Maris Davie, chief of OSCe mission in Montenegro, attended to the event, and by her side there were two experts of the Council of Europe, Dr Tanja Kerševan Smokovina and Dr Joan Barata Mir.

First to address to media and all attendants was Aleksandar Bogdanović, who said that the area of free media in Montenegro is one of the most important parts of integration Montenegro to European Union, e.g. principles and standards of EU. He added that Montenegro normatively, institutionally and democratically evaluate all round ambient of free media and that that level of legal harmony have received positive marks by international organizations. Also he mentioned that rising of awareness of free media in Montenegro in every part of society is very important for confronting plural opinions on society development. At the end of speech, minister stated that country as a whole have an assignment to create an ambient of freedom and security for media, but when it comes to media they need to preserve responsibility and integrity with professionalism and self regulatory ethical codes.

After Minister Bogdanović, addressing to the media and all attendants took Maris Davie. At the beginning of the speech she said that the free media is the basic point of every democratic society and that journalist should be able to work safely, protected by the laws and without fear of consequences. Also she added that she is pleased that Montenegro committed that will follow best practices and that will consolidate its legislation with European Law Heritage and the process itself will be fully supported by OSCe. At the end of the speech she noted that she is very happy to see so many people in room and encouraged everyone to speak, in order to bring this very significant document to its finalization.

At the very end of the preface, Lejla Dervišagić – who was a moderator of this event, addressed to the media and all attendants. She said that Council of Europe will provide full support to Montenegrin government in securing of legislations in area of media in adherence to European Union, Council of Europe and international organizations.

After Lejla, short revision on plan and program of the event had experts of EU, Dr Tanja Kerševan Smokovina and Dr Joan Batara Mir, who opened discussion which followed.

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