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TechClubHaving in mind the fact that more and more of young people are leaving or want to leave the country, because of the lack of better paid job and academic opportunities, Goran Cetkovic wanted to contribute to the search of quality solution, so he created Montenegro TechClub.

Montenegro TechClub is a community created for everyone who wants to prepare for IT industry and make a career, by working in domestic IT company, as freelancer, or even founder of their own IT company. The focus of community will be on the full range of occupations in IT industry, starting with programmers, through digital marketers, UI/UX designers, to IT finances, project managers and many more. The mission of this community is to be one of the catalysts in creating quality young IT professionals and therefore much stronger Montenegrin IT scene. The target group are all who wish to prepare for the career in IT industry (current students, future students, those who don’t want to study in traditional way at all, those who would like to change career etc.)

Shortly, the idea of community is to enable members to meet more of those with similar interests in term of career plans, in order to work together more effectively on the invention and work on online and offline educational resources, as practical as possible. The community will also have more experienced IT professionals involved, as well as those who better understand the world of digital education and online courses, as the source of quality information from technology world and additional resource to all of those who actively work on achieving new IT skills, in general.

There are no special conditions for application and you can register on this link:

The candidates are not obliged to do anything extra to be members, only as much as they want to. Of course, everyone who would like to participate actively in the work of community can contact the founder of community Goran Cetkovic, with any ideas, suggestions and comments (via DM on Slack).

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