Testimonial: Nadja Labudovic

NGO Representative of Mladiinfo Montenegro, Nadja Labudovic, participated in the training course “Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth” within the Erasmus + program, in Leskovac, Serbia, from 14 to 22 July 2019. Six countries participated in the project: Serbia ( project developer), Greece, Denmark, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. At the intercultural dinner, our team presented national cuisine and local products, which delighted everyone present.

The topic of this training was very interesting and inspiring as we were given the opportunity to exchange experiences with young people from the surrounding countries about how young people in rural areas of their countries live and what obstacles they face. We were in mixed groups where we worked on possible solutions for young people from rural areas, which would contribute to their greater awareness and better opportunities for education, employment and the like.

The workshops were innovative and creative and contributed to the development of different skills that can later be applied to many situations, both in life and in business. The tasks we all worked on were a great opportunity to get to know other countries, their culture and customs.

During the training, there was a very comfortable atmosphere among the participants, both during and after the workshops. We also had enough free time to get close to each other and use that time for socializing, fun, trips.

This has been a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to seeing you again and the upcoming workshops in Podgoric where we will have the opportunity to show what we have learned there and to present methods that young people can adopt in their rural communities.

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