nikola zarkovic

Testimonial: Nikola Zarkovic

Representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Nikola Zarkovic, attended at workshop “The initiatives for young – planning and communication”. The workshop was attended at Princess hotel in Bar, 26. – 28. may 2019.Westminster Foundation of Democracy organized workshop for young from civil sector and political parties.
The aim of the workshop was to provide support to participants to development of plans and and creation of concrete initiatives trough mentoring activities, and as a part of the workshop participants were introduced to existing good practices.The seminar started with team building with the aim of getting to know the participants, after that was made a mapping of problems and shortcomings, where they discussed about four plans , from which one the largest is the support of those present got the plan for the construction of premises for youth in Barutana.

Discussion with representatives of successful initiatives. the representatives had the opportunity to talk with representatives of organizations and people who have successfully implemented their initiatives and shared their experiences with them. After that, they had a lecture about strategic planning (concepts and elements), internal and external communication (concepts and resources). Finalizing the plans for the initiative and expert input of Mr. Darko Ivanovic, who visited them and gave them expert advice about that how they can create a quality marketing campaign for informing the public about their initiative. After that, participants summarized the complete impressions of the seminar and arranged next meeting.

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