Testimonial: Milan Sekulovic

Milan Sekulović as a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro stayed at youth exchange “Share your Story” in Mlsakcieliju, a place near Tbilisi (Georgia) from 10 to 17 August 2018.

“Youth Exchange” Share your Story and seven days in Misakcieliju for me is one of the most beautiful life experiences that I have had. The travel to Georgia is an adventure, but meeting so many new people and cultures are the special treasure that can not even buy one currency in the world. The exchange had educational character and from 35 people with whom I was I always learned something, got to know their customs, culture, the way of life, there were new techniques for public speaking, greater self-confidence during a speech in foreign languages, but most important of all were new friends. We were from six different countries (Montenegro, Georgia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, and The United Kingdom), and from these different countries were again the representatives of different nations from three continents, so I met more than six countries. I could write pages of our stay in Georgia, but I have to be brief. On the first day I realized that I was waiting for something new and beautiful, the first day we even broke tongue trying to pronounce the new name that we heard with the proper accent I felt that we here all for one and one for all. Three days I called my new friend Kahan instead of Kahu, but he was ok with that until I finally heard the Georgians pronounce his name so I finally corrected myself. Since I have been a journalist for many years I held a workshop with Jelena from Montenegro and Teresa from the  Czech Republic. We seem to have been very good because our friend Simone from Italy said he would definitely become a journalist.

Now when someone says Italy, what first crosses my mind is not the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, now I think of my new friends Simone, Irena, Pjeruigi, Stefan, Manuel, Joseph … Georgia is not only Tbilisi but Kaha, our guide through the city that or Montenegrin team loved the most, and Liaman, the girl with the most beautiful smile, the image of Syria are not only refugees but a rich country that has been hit by the unhappy fate of which we were told by Taher. I learned more about Russia, than I had learned in school, I realized how similar we are, and I am grateful to my friend Alex for that, who is a professor of English, but at no point nobody she did not draw attention to an error in the speech, and there were plenty of them. I have met great people who are in the UK from Africa, they are great and good people full of experiences. I have to highlight our wonderful mother, who learned in just two days to greet people in fluent Serbian, while I forgot the African words she taught me.

Our differences should not be the point of separation, but the connection point, because friends who are members of another nation or religion know what I do not know.. Together we can do much more to create a new, better world, separated we will achieve nothing, “said Milan Sekulović.

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