Testimonial: Milica Komnenovic

Milica Komnenovic as one of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro representatives participated in the project of the youth exchange in Kosice under the working name “Stay informed. Take your chance”.

Kosice, the second largest city in Slovakia, and the natural and economic center of the eastern part of the country. A city, rich by natural beauty, but also a rich history, and it binds me with unforgettable memories of seven days. On this occasion, 30 young people gathered from six European countries: Montenegro, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Spain, and Greece.
The purpose of the project was to inform young people about the opportunities and possibilities for education, as well as activating and empowering them to participate in decisions related to the community to which they belong. This is my first participation in a program of this type. One priceless experience. That was the opportunity to travel, meet people from different countries, live with them and work on common issues. During my stay in Kosice, I had the opportunity to get to know other cultures, establish close friendships that I will certainly continue to foster, and upon the return to my country. I got the skills useful for coping with various life situations. I became more responsible, more desperate, and learned to better organize my time and money. I got rid of the fear to take the initiative and start a change.

Through various activities – workshops, exercises, debates and games I also got the opportunity to develop competencies, become aware of socially relevant issues, strengthen values such as solidarity and democracy. In addition, the exchange motivated me further to look back and give a contribution to my community. As the entire program was implemented in English, it helped me to improve my language knowledge and I am very proud that I can say: I’m feeling free to express myself now, “said Milica Komnenović.

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