Testimonial: Nikola Pavicevic

Volunteer of the m!M team, Nikola Pavicevic, participated on the training „ Tools for social development – III“.

Volunteer of the m!M team participated on the training „Tools for social development – III“ in Vrnjacka Banja from 19.04. to 24.04.2019. year, togheter with another two m!M team volonteers, Radivoj Ostojic and Marija Djurisic.

Training at Vrnjacka Banja has somehow change my view of volunteerism , as a thing that made possible this wonderful experience for me. The main topic of the “Tools for social development – II”was the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about people with disabilities. In many discussions and workshops in which I actively participated, I made new knowledge but also spoke about the mentioned topic above focusing on my country. The training was of an international character, so that despite new people, languages, and cultures, I was known with the laws of their countries. Emphasis was placed on our creativity and innovation, so we had the opportunity to make applications and web – based platforms to help people with disabilities”, Nikola said.

Particularly interesting were intercultural breaks where each participating country presented own tradition trough food, costume and other features.The training itself enabled the m!M team volunteers to make new acquaintances, have fun, make new experiences and of course be an actors of something similar as soon as possible.

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