Sanja-Abramovicc in Bratislava-photo

Testimonial: Sanja Abramović

Participating in the student and youth exchange program is a perfect opportunity for us young people to visit foreign countries, learn more about other cultures and improve our foreign language. Thanks to the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, I had the opportunity to be a part of international learning through training in Bratislava “Ideathon on Digital Citizenship”, which took place from August 29 to September 5, 2022.

International learning and knowledge move us young people towards accepting and understanding a range of different perspectives of culture and community. Being aware of another culture also teaches us how to be open, thus shaping the student’s personality for the better. Moreover, this type of activity, promoted maturity and social balance, encouraged the necessity of facing challenges outside the known support network and comfort zone. Through different teaching strategies and activities, exposed in a completely new environment, we had the opportunity to exchange our opinions, lead a discussion on various topics, as well as to participate in projects, where we presented innovative ideas. Therefore, through the workshops, I had the opportunity to express my creativity and curiosity, which I was very happy to share with the other members. Group projects encouraged me to collaborate with members and get to know them better, their thoughts and culture. This project was a perfect opportunity not only to acquire new information and knowledge, but also to exchange experiences that will contribute to Montenegro in the development of international learning through young people.