Testimonial: Uros Milosevic

As soon as I received an invitation to participate in the general assembly „European Youth Press“ organization, there was no doubt to go or not. Brussels is one of the cities that was definitely on my „must visit“ lists, and with that, if I get the opportunity to participate in an event which is related to what I do, as a member of the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, everything is clear to you then.

Basically, going there alone was really challenge for me.I went alone, and since I didn’t get a chance to visit the airports in Varsava and Brussels before,it was necessary to manage properly and on time.In spite of all the challenges, with the help of english, I eventually made it to come at the airport in Brussels “Zaventem” and from there to the hostel where we were located.

Brussels is a really huge city, and for me, for some boy from Montenegro, everything was new.The transportation and the way the city itself functions is exceptional.

The assembly at many things were discussed, as well as administrative matters(organization budget, etc.), as well as future plans and activities to be implemented by the organization, with some new ones add.

In conclusion, I can state that this journey has truly been an experience of a lifetimeand it made a great impression on me.It is regrettable that I have not been able to visit all that Brussels has to offer, due to numerous commitments and tight schedule,but I hope it will be ansoon opportunity to leave again.

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