Zerina Borancic in Lithuania-photo

Testimonial: Zerina Borančić

I want to thank the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this unforgettable experience. The training called “Mediastorm” was held in Lithuania, from September 29 to October 2, 2022. years. The countries that participated in this project were Montenegro, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Lithuania, France and Austria.

At the training itself, we worked on a work plan for a series of international and local events focusing on engaged journalism/media in 5 countries. We discussed how to empower professional and citizen media creators to connect with their audience and shed light on socially important topics, and also gathered ideas on how to facilitate audience involvement in media production. We spent our free time forming friendships, exchanging our interpersonal values, ideas, experiences. On the way back, we had the opportunity to visit Vilnius and Warsaw.

The personal experience I gained by attending this training brings all the positive things that will help me in my career development, networking and the very friendships that were crucial on this trip. During the intercultural evening, we had the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and their way of life, as well as present our county. Daily workshops, energizers, presentations were interactive, where we could all give our opinion and discuss the topic itself. I want to invite all young people to take advantage of these opportunities that are offered to us, because the experiences, knowledge, friendships that are acquired and the energy itself are something extraordinary that will benefit you more than any other type of education.