The action “All together, for Danilo”, raised 2652.35 euros

On January 19, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with the Mladi Nikšića web portal, organized a humanitarian action called “All together, for Danilo” on Nikšić Square. On that occasion, in less than ten hours, as much as 2,652.35 euros were raised for Danilo Golubović’s heart.

“We owe great gratitude to the caterers of Nikšić: coffee bar Karma, Priča, Propaganda bar, Gradska Nikšić, October fest. DJ OLEE, DJ SLEEG, DJ BLACK LEE, DJ BOTAMAN, as well as singer Ismail Delija and eleven-year-old girl Maša Popović were in charge of the music and good time, with the support of Aleksandar Bojović and Dado Petković with guitar. Talented women from Nikšić, Irena Nikolić (v._decor), Nada Tadić (_missknit_), Marija Mijajlović, as well as all cheerful people from the Facebook page “Za Danila <3” (For Danilo) joined. The beverage store “STR M.M.” also joined with the donation of drinks, and Darko Joksimović was in charge of the sound system. We owe the greatest gratitude to the citizens of Nikšić who passed the exam in humanity this time as well and showed that we can all do a lot together”, said Milica Žugić, president of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

She added that they owe special gratitude to the Communal Police of Nikšić, as well as to the owners of the skating rink who also helped in the realization of the action and, of course, to our volunteers. All collected funds will be paid into the bank account of Danilo’s parents.

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro and the portal Mladi Nikšića will continue with humanitarian actions in the future and will be with all the people who need help.

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