The camp of sports and healthy lifestyles in Kolasin finished

The winter camp of sports and healthy lifestyles “Active and healthy” was successfully implemented by the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, from 19th to 23rd January 2020.

The camp gathered young peoplle from various parts of Montenegro who, in addition to sport activities, were having fun and socialising. Participants of the camp had the opportunity to meet and hang out with their peers, as well as to learn from instructors and sports experts.

Trainings were held in the hall of “Risto Manojlovic“ elementary school, and also in the “Bianca Resort & Spa“ Hotel, where participants, besides the gym, also were using the services of the spa centre, i.e. pool and jacuzzi, which provided them with a way to relax after the training.

During the four-day activities, participants displayed an admirable interest for sports and healthy lifestyles. The camp also allowed them to gain new experiences and friendships which contributed to their satisfaction. Daily part of the activities included football, basketball and fitness, where the coaches proved themselves admirably. Because of their dedication to the participants, it is important to mention their names: Filip Rajkovic (a licensed personal coach and expert in functional trainings), Stefan Bardak (bachelor of physical education), Ivan Milosevic (bachelor of physical education, football coach). A part of the activities that should also be mentioned was a walk along the “Ultra Trail“ track, lead by Nebojsa Cetkovic, a participant in one of the most popular European marathons in Amsterdam.

Some of the participants have never been interested in sports, but the quality of the organisation during the camp, as well as the dedication of the instructors and sports experts, intrigued them, so they expressed an interest to continue with healthy lifestyle and activities after the camp.

The camp was supported by the Ministry of sport and youth.

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