The Capital Will Support “Click Podgorica” Application

The representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro met with Slavoljub Stijepović, the Mayor of Podgorica, on October 10, 2017, to discuss the launching of the Android application “Click Podgorica”.
The project is financed by the Telenor Foundation, and includes the creation of apps and web site that contain information and navigation system that will help disabled people to get from their current location to the parking spaces and facilities accessible to them, pharmacies, pet-friendly objects, bus and train stops and time tables.

In addition, the app will contain the section that will enable users to inform about significant and current events in the city.

The application will be used to improve the mobility of the youth, disabled people, and people who use alternative means of transportation in Podgorica.

The meeting was also attended by the Communal services and traffic secretary Marko Rakočević, the representatives of City’s public transportation service, Telenor Foundation and Studio Lasso, which is in charge of project implementation when it comes to technical form and graphic design. It is emphasized that the plan is to design bicycle paths as well as parking spaces for cyclists.

“All of this corresponds to the city’s efforts to carry out digitalisation of the city transportation service. The city will provide all the technical assistance to make such projects beneficial to all our fellow citizens,”said the Mayor.

He also expressed his pleasure that young people use their knowledge to improve the functioning of the city, emphasizing that the realization of such projects will relieve the citizens and contribute to their comfort.

Communal services and traffic secretary Marko Rakočević also welcomed the initiative.

“We will provide a map with stops, line numbers and stops names, as well as other necessary information. The creation of the application, together with the introduction of the TX tables and the electronic tickets, will fully improve the transportation system in the capital city, “concluded Rakočević.

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