The movie “Lazy Guy” is available on YouTube

The feature film “Lazy Guy” is a look at the lives of many young people and their families in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica. Through the story of a young man struggling to find a job, the film attempts to show the culture, economic conditions of the country, and how the normalization of corruption and dishonesty led to despair and apathy.

The film was made with the intention of contributing to positive change in Montenegrin society, trying to highlight and encourage constructive conversations about how we, individually and as a collective, can strengthen all the positive characteristics of our society and culture and discourage less positive habits and behaviors.

The team that participated in the project:

The roles in the film are: Savo Sćepanović, Milica Sćepanović, Tatyana Marinović, Sejfo Seferović, Vuk Sandić, Saša Radunović, Veljko Tošković and Ilija Redžić.

Screenplay and direction: Aleksa Stefan Radunović

Producer: Andisheh Radunović;

Director of Photography: Galen Humber;

Editor: Dejan Urošević;Music: Gavrilo Radunović;

Sound designers: Ivan Mihoci, Vladan Koki Korać;

Set designer: Ilija Vujošević;

Master of Light: Kyle Schmalenberg;

Sound Recorders: Kyle Schmalenberg, Ivan Mihoci;

Color and DCP Mastering: Goran Todorić, Dimitrije Vučinić;

Subtitles: Dimitrije Vučinić.

The movie is available to the general public for the first time online:

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