m!M at SLAM training in Sarajevo

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the SLAM training in Sarajevo, held from September 23rd to 30th. The training is part of the SLAM project (Structured Learning for Awareness in Media), which includes seven partner organizations from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Turkey.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and critical thinking among young people about the role of the mass media as a challenge and prerequisite for a more inclusive society towards migrants and refugees.

The trainer, Ismail Šehić, sharing his many years of experience, through group work and numerous practical examples, encouraged young people to develop critical thinking as a means to combat the phenomenon of hate speech and build a bloc of negotiations on integration processes.

The training started with getting to know the participants, as well as getting to know the project itself and the activities carried out later. Participants were introduced to the concepts such as media bias and mass media, and by working together, using examples from their countries, they researched and drew conclusions about media bias, the presence of discrimination or stereotypes towards migrants and refugees and the like.

Participants also had the opportunity to attend the BRAVO Hackathon, where they were introduced to the concept of methodological thinking when developing their entrepreneurial idea.

As the participants are young people from 7 countries of the Western Balkans, part of the activities, including intercultural evenings, is dedicated to getting to know the cultures, traditions and languages ​​of the countries. On the last day, young people listened to a presentation on

Erasmus + programs and the many opportunities that await them in the future.