’’Say Hello to Someone’’ in Performed in Tuzi

The play “Say Hello to Someone” was performed on March 24th by the Mladiinfo Montenegro amateur acting group (MAAG) in Cultural and Informative Center “Malesia” in Tuzi.

MAAG functions under the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro. Đorđije Tatić is the director, while the play was written by Marija Rakočević. “Say Hello to Someone” is an adaptation of the same-titled book, whose authors are Vesna Ognjenović and Budimir Nešić.
The play retells true stories of abused children, as well as children who have been taken away from their parents due to negligence and inadequate care.
“We aim to address current social issues through theatre. After the story of abandoned children, we plan to work on topics of bullying and gender inequality, and by the end of the year, we plan to have two more plays. When it comes to “Say Hello to Someone”, it will be performed in other Montenegrin cities, as well as festivals in the country and abroad”, said Žugić.
She added that Mladiinfo Montenegro is an organization which works with and for the youth, and that the organization sees theatre as another channel of reaching young people.
The characters are diverse, but connected by a similar upbringing, past, and experience, which are part of their daily discussions.
The play was performed in Cultural and Informative Center “Budo Tomović” and “Golubovci”, as well as the Cultural and Artistic Association “Zahumlje” in Nikšić. After Tuzi, actors will perform in other cities of Montenegro.
MAGG will be presented at the Festival of Drama Amateurs in Bijelo Polje and at international festivals in the region.
Acting School for the Youth is starting on April 5th, and it is open for young people ages 18 to 30 from Tuzi.
The actors in the play were Jelena Pajović, Dragana Vujisić, Bojana Tomović, Danilo Stefanović, Dina Abazović, Marija Jeknić, Tajana Nedić, Balša Vukčević, Danka Bubanja, Naida Bibežić, Katarina Jeknić and Stefan Boljević.

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