Apply for training in Sassari, Italy

Apply for training in Sassari, Italy

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is announcing a call for training, which will be held in the city of Sassari, Italy, from March 24 to April 1, 2020. The training is one of the activities within the SLAM (Structured Learning for Awarness in Media) project, which includes seven partner organizations from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Turkey.




The aim of the training is to raise awareness and critical thinking, among young people, about the role of the mass media as a challenge and a precondition for a more inclusive society towards migrants and refugees.

The Balkans are still the best example where the media consciously and even deliberately use hate speech for sensationalist purposes and thus provoke support for that same hate speech.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities to explore the similarities, differences and potential synthesis between the different yet related challenges facing the Western Balkans and Europe as part of an international effort to lay the foundations for better media literacy and critical thinking at the youth level and even at the level of the whole society, as a means to combat the phenomenon of hate speech and to build a bloc of negotiations on integration processes.

The SLAM project will conduct research on the main challenges and best practices in media literacy in the field of migrants/refugees in Europe and the Western Balkans. Also, there will be youth exchanges, seminars, social campaigns (online/offline), the formation of a new website, guides in several languages, etc.

Participants are covered for food, accommodation and training, and travel expenses will be reimbursed in the amount of up to 270 euros after the training.


Four participants go from one partner country, each of whom must be over 18 years old. Participants who are selected must have information about the media, fake media and fake news in Montenegro. In addition, it is necessary to bring materials, promotional materials of the organization, medicaments and insurance, original e-tickets and invoices such as train tickets, airline tickets, etc., in order to be refunded later. And finally you need to bring your laptop. Basic knowledge of English is required.


To apply, you need to send your CV to the e-mail:


March 3, 2020 until 1 p.m.


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