Experience: Aleksandra Dujovic

Aleksandra Dujović as a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro had the opportunity to participate in the seminar “What You Give is What You Get: Interpersonal Development and Social Impact through Youth Participation in Local and International Volunteering” held in Tirana.

The seminar is scheduled from March 9th to 15th, but ended on March 11th due to a pandemic.

”Although the seminar did not take place until the end, I have to say that it was a great pleasure to meet representatives of the partner organizations from the Western Balkans. The organization was at a high level and the activities were very interesting. The informal way of learning is the best, so we learned a lot through the workshops and the games. One of the tasks was ‘’Tirana hunt’’, where in groups we visited Tirana and through pictures presented ecological and artistic aspects of the city, but also noticed the (in)accessibility of movement for people with disabilities. We had the opportunity to represent our organizations as well as our country. The seminar essentially lasted two days, because gatherings were forbidden. Anyway, it was a nice experience and I hope that the seminar, in the same composition, will be held again.”

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