Experience: Anastasija Petrović

The combination of educational, useful, healthy and at the same time fun is definitely a synonym for the “Active and Healthy” camp held in Vučje, which was organized by the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, and was attended by Anastasija.

Since this is the first camp I have participated in, I have to admit that I was accompanied by a dose of fear of the unknown, but it is also great because I saw how easily it breaks! In the first place, I must commend the wonderful organization and schedule, which ensured that we felt socializing and interacting with each other while respecting all epidemiological measures and getting closer while remaining safe from the new challenge in the form of a virus that has affected the world.
As for the goal of the camp, I am very pleased that all the physical activity envisaged by the agenda, which may have seemed exhausting at first glance, proved to be easier and more fun with a good team. It’s great to get to know how much we can donate to our body with health and this camp is definitely one of the ways to realize that.
Only Vučje exudes incredible beauty, which was created by the harmony that is represented there, which left an impression on me. The place and activities seem to be in perfect harmony to leave an appropriate message. Therefore, I recommend everyone who wants to experience a similar or the same experience as me, with good people and organization, but also to gain knowledge in a particular field to be sure to apply for camps and seminars by NGOs Mladiinfo Montenegro, as I plan to continue.