Experience: Borislav Bardak

Together with Alma Osmanagic and Lorena Ujkic, I spent five beautiful days in Durres, Albania, where together with young people from Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey, we participated in trainings for trainers and facilitators on gender equality and the fight against various forms of violence and discrimination, called “(t)Error Violence”. The project is implemented by the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro together with the organization PVN from Albania and other partners and is funded by the European Youth Foundation.

This was my first significant engagement in this area. Through the activities in the workshops, in addition to the basic topics, we debated on various issues such as activism and volunteer work of young people, regional cooperation and the position of minorities, people with disabilities and women in the Balkans. The organizers did their best to make all the participants feel comfortable. From beginning to end, there was a friendly atmosphere that ended with the exchange of telephone numbers. By the way, we stayed at the Florida hotel on the very shore of the sea, which additionally had a positive effect on the mood of all of us. We had the opportunity to get to know Durres better, its old and new part. Except everyday socializing, we once had an international evening where we all presented something from our countries. The whole gathering deserves the highest grade, and the experience from it will remain in my lasting memory. Thanks to the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro for enabling me to stay in Durres and actively participate in this training.

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