Grubišić: Croatia for balanced, sustainable and inclusive EU growth

“During the Croatian Presidency, we will strive for a balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Union”, said the Ambassador of Croatia to Montenegro, His Excellency Veselko Grubišić, at the Priorities of Croatian EU Council Presidency ninth debate with European ambassadors. The debate took place at the EU Info Center in Podgorica, on 11. February 2020.

Referring to the EU Presidency, the Ambassador of Croatia to Montenegro, HE E. Veselko Grubišić, said that the slogan “Europe ina Challenging World” was based on four pillars: developing Europe, connecting Europe, protective Europe and influential Europe.
“Before I start talking about the Croatian Presidency of the European Union, I would have to present a few activities that we will undertake in Montenegro with the aim to promote our Presidency in Montenegro and send positive messages to its public. The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, the Ambassador of the EU, Aivo Orav, and my humble self presented the priorities of the EU before the ambassadors of the EU and Montenegrin media. In addition to the priority of the Presidency, our aim was to send encouraging messages to all six non-EU member neighbouring countries”, explained Grubišić.
He said that he hoped the difficulties that arose out of the Law on Religious Freedom would soon be overcome.

“May respect, tolerance and patience prevail and the best possible solution be found, so that all segments of society can contribute to accelerating the path of Montenegro towards the EU membership”, the Croatian ambassador said.

Grubišić said that Croatia’s interest was a peaceful, democratic and prosperous neighborhood, based on mutual respect and good neighbourly relations.

“It is so great that the EU Commissioner for Enlargement visited Montenegro. I would like to thank the EU Delegation for such a prompt reaction. I am very glad that this event took place in the first part of the Croatian Presidency. He presented an accelerated approach to accession negotiations, which is a new and promising perspective for the WB countries. He also mentioned the obligation to meet the membership criteria, while Oliver Varheli, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, sent encouraging messages in regard to at least one out of six Balkan countries joining the EU by the end of his term. We all know that Montenegro is the leader of the enlargement process, so our mutual goal is to see Montenegro as the EU member state”, said the ambassador.

He added that the priorities of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU were part of the Trio Programme-Romania, Finland, Croatia and of the five-year strategic EU program 2019-2024. Through upgrading Single Market, stimulation of digitalization, investment in innovations, research and lifelong education Montenegro can become competitive in the EU market. The improvement of the life of EU citizens depends on the implementation of policies that guarantee better working and living conditions, which contributes to environmental protection and encourages fight against climate changes. Therefore, the Croatian Presidency will strive for a balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Union and will take into account all the differences and needs of all member states”, said Grubišić.

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