Held workshop on media literacy

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held on the 8th of September in 2018. in M:tel digital factory in Podgorica under title Literally and creatively within the project Less Opportunities + Media Tools = Better Opportunities. Motive for this workshop was successfully marked International day of literacy.

Workshop was attended by students from primary and secondary schools and faculties, and it was held by Elma Selmanović from NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Elvira Ceković from Agency for electronic media, Gordana Vučinić teacher of mother language in high school Slobodan Škerović, Iva Mijović and Marta Martinović – participants in youth exchange on media tools within the project LOMTBO.

Workshop Literally and creatively has the aim to increase consciousness related with correct expressing and perception of the content that is published by media. It will be interactive and I hope that it will be useful for you during your further work in schools and faculties in sense that you will express your attitude in better way and that you will recall some expressions which you used a lot of years ago and which you forgot, said Selmanović

Elvira Ceković on behalf of Agency for electronic media introduced all present people with work of Agency and its campaign with UNICEF, and draw an attention with challenges with which confronts the Agency, Montenegro and whole World and related with current media situation. Agency follows the work of media and does everything in order to protect children by imposing European standards. But rules are changing from day to day as well as technological development, said Ceković.

Despite all efforts of Agency to protect children we are powerless because of existing of different platforms with different content and many of that content is available thanks to the Internet. The only solution is to educate parents and their children in usage of content that is available through media, emphasized Ceković.

Gordana Vučinić, teacher of mother language in high school Slobodan Škerović, in her presentation put an accent on presentation of literacy, language doubts, correct writing and pronounciation in literature.
She also said that technological development caused the damage of grammar, literacy and reading books, and instead of reading books young population strive to the reading of brief internet interpretations.

Beside useful lectures, participants had an opportunity to see many different photos from different periods and to express their opinion about them, as well as to see video record that produced Agency in order to explain to parents how harmful is certain content that watch their children.

In the end of workshop Iva Mijović and Marta Martinović, participants on youth exchanges about media tools in Greece, Poland and Serbia, represented LOMTBO project at which they participated and transferred us knowledge about media tools, Erasmus + and about their positive experiences on mentioned exchanges.

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