„Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth”, third activity A3 – training course in Leskovac, Serbia

Representatives of Mladi Info Montenegro took part in training course „Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth“ supported by Erasmus+ programme, that was organised in Leskovac, Serbia, form 14th up to 22nd of July 019. Six countries participated in this project: Serbia (leader-country of the project), Greece, Denmark, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo. At the intercultural evening our team represented our national food and drinks impessing everyone present at the event.

The tasks has been worked on in international mixed groups in order to encourage interchange of information on the subject. Roleplay activities were based on real life situations that occure to youngsters in rural area and problems they have to overcome in their lives, bringing the issues closer to the participants using the „theater of the opressed“ method.

Beside tasting realy good grill which Leskovac is well-known, throughout those seven days our representatives attended variety of workshops where they were able to get information and skills which will help them in their youth work especially with youngsters from rural areas. Problems have been analyzed, all prejudice broken, competences improved and participants exchanged their experiences providing a better insight into the topic. Now it is up to our representatives to show gained skills in practice and do their best in a mission for providing better conditions for rural youth.

Presenting what we learned

Follow up project that will be done by Montenegrin participants will be held in Podgorica in Youth Center. The main idea behind the workshop is showcasing and raising  awareness on the opportunities and methods rural youth can implement in their local communities.

Its attendants will be all people responding to an open call shared trough social media.

Workshop consists of three parts:

1. Workshop attendants will highlight their experience, display facts and statistics about rural youth in their home country and share a brief story about ERASMUS+.(30-45M)

2. Pople will attend speaches from 5 local project managers which either help people from rural areas or which are examples of how far rural projects can go in our country.(2h)

3.  At the end we will have a  real-time survey with all data displayed on big screen acknowledging people to share new information with as many persons from rural areas possible.(20m)

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