Info day named “Creative Europe” held in EU Info Center.

A representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the “Creative Europe” program, which was on November 1st, 2019. at the premises of the EU Info Center. This program is about collaboration project and how to apply for it.Milena Raznatovic from the Ministry of Culture spoke about the program which has for the goals boosting creativity, diversity and competition in the music sector and why Europe needs a “Creative Europe”.

“Every project must be focused on the at least one of its priorities.” Milena said.

In further promise she spoke about European networks and strengthening the skills, abilities and knowledge of cultural actors, like about the European platform.

Vanja Vukcevic from the Music Center of Montenegro, said that she was glad to be an actor of this program for the second time. The project leader is the Santa Cecilia State Orchestra, Italy and nine more partners from the Netherlands, Spain, France, Montenegro, BIH, Slovenia, Belgium and Italy. She talked about the goals of the project and the strengthening of international cooperation, as well as the activities and training young musicians in partner orchestras and the exchange program of professional staff experience.

“For these years we have had support from local and national institutions.” Vanja concluded.

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