International Childhood Cancer Day

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with the Association of Parents of Children Suffering from Cancer NGO Fenix, marked the International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15.

M!M members and volunteers, together with the informal work group MladiCe, which is part of the NGO Fenix, gathered at the Independence Square. Children from Podgorica kindergartens and primary schools as well as numerous citizens joined the event. The youngsters left their drawings and messages written on pieces of paper. They let the golden balloons into the air while singing the song “Everyone should know what comradeship means”, and as a sign of encouragement they gave out gold ribbons.

The aim of this gathering was to raise awareness of malignant diseases affecting children and youth, as well as providing support to children and their parents. As responsible citizens and youth representatives we want to support them in a symbolic way and recognize the fight of the youngest, who represent an essential part of our society. At the event, we celebrated the lives of children who have managed to beat cancer and provide support to parents who have lost their young fighters.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro promotes volunteerism and encourages active involvement of the youth in their communities. M!M was established to improve the situation of young people in Montenegro, through information, education and their active participation in society. Our vision is that young people are key actors in community development.

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