m! M at the annual conference of the Directorate of Youth

At the annual conference of the Directorate on Youth held on 21.12.2018. in Podgorica presented the results achieved this year’s competition of youth policy in accordance with the measures of implementation to the plan of the Youth Strategy.


The event was attended by representatives of organizations “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, representatives of state institutions, international organizations and representatives of other NGOs in Montenegro.


The event was opened and the audience was addressed by Danijela Vujosević who pointed out that the aim of today’s conference summarizing and presenting results of 86 projects funded through the competition to non-governmental organizations for 2018.


“Young people are the pillars of our society and as such should be supported. How institutions and organizations are dealing with youth and the support of the wider community. Particular attention should be paid to the opening of the association for young people from vulnerable groups with a view to their integration in all fields of social activity, “said Sports Minister Nikola Janović in his speech.


In the coming period, the Minister announced that the Ministry of Sports is dedicated to work on improving conditions for life and work of young people in order to further empowering environment in which young people need to feel tangible benefits securing their better future.


The Director General of the Directorate of Youth Nenad Koprivica presented the results of projects implemented by the Ministry of Sport supported this year.


This year have been used more than half a million for youth organizations and projects under the youth supported 86 projects and funded nearly 400.000 euros, according to the Law on NGOs was allocated 110 000 euro and supported ten projects of non-governmental organizations. “Most of the funds have been allocated in the field of youth activism in this area and supported 25 projects totaling 121,198 euros.


The projects are mainly related to strengthening the work of the Youth Center in Podgorica and youth clubs throughout Montenegro primarily in Berane, Pljevlja, Cetinje and Podgorica, “said Koprivica.


Through project support youth organizations in 2018 the accomplished the following results. More than 14 800 young people directly involved implemented projects and more than 55 000 young people were indirectly involved in any projects. There were 450 workshops, over 100 training seminars for 45 young people. Supported 90 conferences and round tables, made over 30 publications or magazines, created and improved 10 websites and mobile applications, and realized 36 videos and TV shows, radio shows, exhibitions and trade fairs for young people. In the Youth Center in Podgorica was conducted over 200 operations, 50 non-governmental organizations which involved over 2400 young people. 12 school buses have been enforced and established.


Conducted 10 studies on the situation of young people at the national and local level and created and promoted Anthem youth NGOs Montenegrin youth forum that the participants had to hear at the end of the conference.

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