m! M at the conference on changes and amendments to the law on pension and disability insurance

Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro and Union of Montenegrin Trade Unions organized a press conference on the amendments to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which was held on June 14, 2019, in the multimedia hall of the Sports Center of the University of Montenegro, starting at 11 am.

Representatives of two trade unions participated in the conference. Srdja Kekovic, Secretary General and Zvonko Pavicevic, Deputy Secretary of the Union were in front of the Union of Trade Unions, and Dusko Zarubica, Secretary General and Branko Plamenac, Executive Secretary of the Union of Trade Unions of Montenegro, were in front of the Union of Trade Unions of Montenegro.

Zarubic addressed the audience, who said that after a long time these two exchanges worked together on amendments to the law, and signed an employment agreement, which Zarubic believes is a future impetus for the further operation of the two exchanges. He stressed that after long and difficult negotiations, the two trade union centers have made some success in amending some of the solutions, regarding the amendments to the current law.

After that, Zarubica spoke about the amendments that they proposed to be adopted and hoped that this law would come to the Parliament as soon as possible in order to come into force as soon as possible.

One change is that the insured is entitled to a pension when he turns 66 years of age (man) instead of 67 years of age or 64 years of age (women) and at least 15 years of insurance. Also, there is a possibility that the insured will be entitled to an old-age pension when he completes 40 years of insurance and 61 years of age. The right to an old-age pension in accordance with paragraph 3 of this Article may be exercised by December 31, 2020.

After the presentation of Zarubica, Srdja Kekovic also talked about amendments to the law, with special reference to miners and parents who have children with disabilities or some developmental disability.

After the presentation, the questions of media representatives followed the end of the press conference.

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