m! M at the Fair of NGOs “NGO EXPO2019”

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in NGO Fair “NGO EXPO2019” held on June 22, 2019 in Berane, Montenegro.

The NGO Fair is conceived as an open forum for citizens, NGOs, volunteer groups, university students and secondary school students, local governments, government officials, EU representatives, diplomatic missions and the media. The fair was an opportunity to improve and increase the visibility of the activities of civil society organizations and show their role in democratic processes. The organizer of the fair is the Resource Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations, and 39 exhibitors presented themselves at the fair.

At this fair, which was held in Mojsija Zečević Street, the event was opened by Ana Novaković in front of the CRNVO. “We are very pleased that this fair has already become a tradition: the first one we organized in Nikšić, then Bijelo Polje, then in Budva and here is today in Berane. The Berane municipality has so far shown great openness and support for our work, and we really appreciate it and emphasize it, “Novakovic said in her opening address. In her address, she also welcomed the representative of the Ministry of Public Administration, Marija Hajduković, and pointed out that today’s fair is being realized within the project co-financed by the MPA.

The project was originally financially supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro. “We are aware that in the non-governmental sector, due to everyday obligations and activities, we sometimes neglectfully neglect the general public, and primarily citizens who do not get regular information about our work and activities,” added Novakovic. “We are witnessing that in the previous period a lot has been done in the goal of defining the needs and interests of citizens and the overall democratization of the society in cooperation or with the support of the NGO sector.

Numerous problems in a society that the state and local government do not recognize or fail to solve independently are covered by the work of the non-governmental sector, “said Zoran Jojić, advisor to the President of the Municipality. About 160 non-governmental organizations were registered in Berane municipality. “Municipal competitions give us up to 30,000 euro to finance their programs, and besides the line ministry, there is also the Council for Cooperation with NGOs, as the competent body,” Jojić reminded. In front of the Ministry of Public Administration, Maria Hajdukovic addressed the audience. “It is incomprehensible about an event that will significantly contribute to the understanding of the situation in the area of ​​improving the incentive environment for the work of the non-governmental sector, but also to further strengthen the partnership between the state and non-governmental organizations.

This fair should contribute to the strengthening of joint partnership and every progress in this direction is a strong incentive for the development of the entire society. I believe that this fair will contribute to the creation of partnerships within the civil sector itself and thus to the strengthening of the capacities of NGOs, “said Hajduković. The MPS sees a strong partner in the Montenegrin NGO sector and actively worked on creating better conditions for the work of NGOs. of the budget in the previous year was at the level of 4.4 million euros for financing NGO projects and programs in areas of public interest.

The visitors of the fair were most interested in the opportunities for young people in the field of education and travel provided by NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro. Citizens of Berane are familiar with the work of the “Mladi Berana” news portal and have used this opportunity to discuss with the editor in chief what are the topics that they want to read on the portal.

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