m! M held a workshop in Berane

The fifth in a series of workshops on the Erasmus + program was held in Berane on the premises of the Youth Club on 18 October 2019.

This workshop is one of the activities conducted by NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro within the project “Increasing Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth”.

On this occasion, Berane youth were introduced to the Erasmus program as well as the Erasmus + program, through which they were presented what are the opportunities for young people offered in both formal and non-formal education. They are also briefed on what opportunities are available for athletes, individuals as well as teachers.

Through this presentation, attendees had the opportunity to hear from a participant several activities within the ERASMUS + program. She pointed out to the attendees the benefits that participants can have by engaging in activities, but also highlighted all the benefits that she experienced.

She emphasized the importance of knowing foreign languages, expanding her perspective, the importance of self-empowerment, working on oneself and acquiring new skills, getting to know and better understanding other cultures …

There was also more talk about how to easily get information related to youth exchanges, seminars, trainings, as well as opportunities for ESC volunteering.

In addition to the program itself and the opportunities offered, the participants are also familiar with the project “Rural Rules”.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission through the ErASMUS + program.

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