m! M volunteers delivered groceries to the Kulić family

Volunteers of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro took the donations that were collected for them during the collection action in Podgorica to the Kulić family on June 18, 2021.

Two carts of groceries and hygiene products were collected, as well as 100 euros. The money was paid into the family’s bank account.

When we visited them we were convinced once again of how much help means to them. They only receive a child allowance of 67 euros and the father is on sick leave, so he receives 52 euros a month. This is not enough to cover the rent of 100 euros and the electricity which is often around 70 euros, so they often remain in debt. Almost every day, they walk to the bus station to take their one-year-old daughter to the doctor, who will tell them if she has to go to Belgrade for surgery. That doesn’t stop them from being grateful and having wonderfully raised children. That is why we invite all citizens who are able to help the Kulić family, to do so by paying into their bank account: 510000000200221814.