m!M marked World Dance Day

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated April 29th, 2020 as the World Dance Day. Dance is a movement we carry within ourselves. Today, we have shown the promotion of dance art through a quiz on our instagram story, thereby pointing out the importance of dance in society and the physical and psychological development of each individual.

Marking this date is important for all those involved in dance art, but also those who are not engaged in the same need to be familiar with the charms that it carries. As a result, through the quiz we have included various types of dances, such as: Ballet, Modern Dance, Belly Dance, Gypsy Love Dance, Tang, Waltz, Zeybek, Lambada, Sirtaki, Montenegrin Ora, Bachata, Salsa, and in this way everyone, especially the young people who prioritize our organization, through answers could learn what kind of performance it was and what dance it was about.

World Dance Day has been celebrated since 1982 and international and national messages from people, intrinsically related to dance, are read worldwide. The UNESCO International Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute for Dance ITI has launched this initiative and has selected the birthday of modern ballet dancer and one of Jean Georges Noverre, one of the greatest dance reformers, for World Dance Day.

The basic idea of the day is to remind the public of dance, as an artistic form of expression, and to enjoy its universality, which overcomes all political, cultural and ethical obstacles.
Through dance we communicate and spread the universal language of communication, giving birth to the joy, beauty and progress of human knowledge. Creativity, thinking, creating and performing are essential in dance. Our bodies are a tool for expression, not a medium for representation.

There are shortcuts to joy, dance is one of them. Dance for expression, not impression!

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