Mladiinfo Montenegro is looking for an administrative and info worker

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m! M) is announcing an advertisement for the position of administrative and info worker from Berane, Nikšić and Podgorica for a period of three months, within the program of the Employment Bureau, entitled “Training for work with the employer”.
Areas that will be covered are economics, marketing, administration and journalism,
Interested candidates will work on the following jobs will need to attend events, write reports, translate texts, work in Word press, manage a social networks, help with administration and marketing.
The working hours are 40 hours a week, and the duration of the contract is three months. Employees will be hired under an employment contract, and the monthly salary is 222.00 euros net. Insurance costs are covered, and transportation, accommodation and food are not provided.
Persons without work experience with a high school diploma can apply. Basic knowledge of computer skills and English is required. Interested candidates must be on the records of the Labor Office, as active job seekers. Students and already employed people can not apply.
To apply for this ad you need to:
– Send your biography (CV) to the e-mail:
– Confirmation of belonging to the target group, which is taken from the counselor in the Labor Office, scanned to send by e-mail, with a biography.
In the subject of the e-mail it is necessary to state: Application for an administrative worker.
Application deadline is July 21, 2020 until 3 p.m.
For more information call: 068078424 or write to e-mail:

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