Mladiinfo Montenegro raised donations with actor Momčilo Otašević

On the occasion of the World Day of Activism, on May 17th, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the TV show named “Dnevnica”(Per diem) , which was broadcasted on broadcast station “Vijesti”. Members of the m!M team, along with the well-known Montenegrin actor Momčilo Otašević, raised donations at the Book Fair, which was held from May 9 until May 15 in shopping mall “Delta City”.

Members and volunteers of the non-governmental organization Mladiinfo Montenegro, together with actor Momčilo Otašević, prepared coffee at the fair, distributed “bookmarks” and cookies, donated by the “Anin medeni kutak” pastry shop.

As they stated from this organization,main goal was that the visitors and exhibitors voluntarily give a contribution to the family from Žabljak, to whom this episode of “Dnevnica” was dedicated.

World Day of Activism is celebrated each year in more than 150 countries around the world. Although its creation has encouraged civil organizations in the United States, it soon became popular throughout the world and thus gained the support of various reputable organizations, among others the United Nations, with the goal of mobilizing young people to change the community in which they live and thereby contribute creating a better world.

Mladiinfo Montenegro wants to draw attention that young people need to participate more actively in any form of activism and thus contribute to making decisions that are important for their future and improving their position in society.

With this action, they say, they want to remind young people to represent an extremely important category of population and future bearers of change in society. “

Therefore, it is necessary to give adequate attention to their needs, attitudes and desires, as well as to support and develop youth activism”, concluded representative of Mladiinfo Montenegro.

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