m!M at a workshop on violent extremism and radicalism

The representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended a two-day workshop on strengthening youth activism in the field of combating violent extremism and radicalism, organized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth with the support of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro. The workshop was held in Becici in the period from July 6th to 7th, 2020. The target group were young people from various organizations in Montenegro.
In the introductory part, the Director of the Directorate for Youth in the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Nenad Koprivica, presented the work of the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the planned activities.
During the introductory speech, Dragan Pejanovic, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior / National Coordinator for the prevention and suppression of violent extremism, spoke about the situation of young people and broadly covered the problem of radicalism and extremism among young people and in which way they, as an organization, fight against it. Later, OSCE representatives introduced the participants to the project itself.
Lecturers at the workshops were Elvira Hadzibegovic Bubanja and Andjelija Lucic.
In the first part of the workshop, the participants said something more about themselves through the pictures that were shared with them, and then wrote their expectations from the seminar on the obtained pieces of paper. The lecturers introduced the participants to the concepts and definitions of extremism and radicalization, and after that the participants were given the opportunity to apply the transferred knowledge through practical work. The second part of the workshop covers forms of violent radicalization. There was also talk about the initiators of violent extremism, why and in what way they do it. The lecturers also included the topic of prevention and suppression of violent extremism and radicalism leading to terrorism, to which they added the topic of prevention in Montenegro and the region. Three short films were watched, which contained the actions that were included during the lecture. During the seminar, during both days, participants had the opportunity to practice and apply the acquired knowledge.

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