Project SCROLL

m!M at the kick-off meeting of the SCROLL project

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) attended the kick off meeting of the “Digital Media and Marketing for NEET” (SCROLL) project held in Albania, Tirana from 30th November to 3rd December 2019. The project is being implemented by the NGO CNELL from Albania.

During this project the project goals, planned activities, realisation plan, as well as the budget were presented. It was also an opportunity for representatives of partner organisations to get to know each other better, to exchange experiences, and to discuss future cooperation.
The aim of this project is to eliminate the misalignment of young people’s skills in Europe and to reduce the number of unemployed. To create holistic hands-on, fast-paced curriculum that can prepare young people to apply for, at entry-level, digital marketing agencies or work individually or in teams. The specific objectives of the “SCROLL” project are: development of specific knowledge, skills needed in the labour market, unemployed IP in the NEET situation from Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece through training in the NFL, digital media and online marketing.
The planned activities of the Scroll project are: the kick off, a course on digital media and online marketing, a training course in Montenegro and Greece, a campaign, a web platform, a course in Northern Macedonia, three workshops that will bring together at least 20 young people who will present a publication, all activities carried out, and a final evaluation meeting at which future activities and initiatives will be planned.
The SCROLL project will last for 13 months.

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