m!M at the Public Appearance and Media Seminar

The representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro representative attended seminar on Public appearance and media, held on 17. June 2020, at the premises of the Chamber of Montenegro, in Podgorica.
The seminar was organized with the aim to develop capacities through presentation and workshop and individual activities. The topics were: stage fright, proper breathing, self-esteem, language as power, speech, importance of media and its functioning, press releases, television appearances and statements, press conference, interviews, relationship with journalists, preparation for media appearance.
“When you appear before the public without expectations, when you don’t make the difference between I and them (the public either cheers you on, or throws spoiled eggs at you), when you don’t calculate and curb your ego, when you relax and share your experience with another being (regardless of how many people are in front of you and who they are), when you passionately speak from your own experience, the public speech turns into a beautiful experience of freedom and an opportunity to enrich those who take their time to listen to you, to express yourself and be authentic”, Striković said.
She emphasized that good preparation is a half the work.
“Hold your presentation in front of a mirror, or ask someone close to you to listen and rate you. Ask them to be honest with you in regard to the presentation. Often, we are not aware of our mistakes, so it is useful to have person(s) who will help you with a well-intentioned suggestion, so as to improve our appearance. If you exercise on your own, look in the mirror from time to time, pay attention to you posture, straighten up and smile”, said Striković. She added that a well structured speech is the key point, because it enables continuity.
“The structure ensures that your thoughts are easily followed, your performance rounded and balanced and above all, it makes space for the messages to be communicated efficiently and effectively. The classical speech structure method consists of 3 elements: tell listeners what you are about to say, tell them what is on your mind, tell them what you have been just talking about”, said Slavica Striković, the lecturer at the seminar.
Participants were given the opportunity to write something about their current occupation or ideas and present them to others in 10 minutes. Many were very successful in overcoming stage fright.
At the end of the seminar, lecturer Slavica Stricović told everyone to work on themselves and improve knowledge. She said she was looking forward to holding more seminars and helping young people”.

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