m!M at the University Fair

Representatives of NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” attended as exhibitors at the University Fair held on October 29. 2019. at the Center Ville Hotel in Podgorica, starting at 3PM and running until 8PM.

They presented ten different offers for free scholarships abroad and direct interested parties to visit the website, where they will look at a larger number of scholarship offers and more about them. NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” was presented as an organization that offers volunteering, employment, education and offers free scholarships through them.

In addition NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, the University of Donja Gorica (UDG) presented itself at the University Fair as an exhibitors from Montenegro, the University Fair was attended by exhibitors from Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, China and other countries of the world and they also presented various scholarship opportunities. the fair featured a high school from abroad with its representative office in Montenegro in Tivat for ten years.

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