m!M celebrated International Volunteer Day

Volunteers of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) celebrated the International Volunteer Day, 5th December, by organising a humanitarian action for two families from Podgorica.
Volunteers, in cooperation with the staff of the Tamu restaurant, prepared warm meals, both sweet and savory. We also collected clothing, footwear and essentials for single parents and their children.
We first visited single father Ratko, who lives with his nine-year-old son in Dajbabe. The father is seriously ill, had a heart surgery and is not employed, and they live in very poor conditions. Our volunteers were also with Milica, a single mother of three minor children, who is a victim of violence, as are her children. They live in difficult conditions and are abused by their ex-husband. Two of them are school-age children, and the third is a baby born prematurely and currently is in hospital.
Volunteers provided both families with the food they prepared at Tamu Restaurant, as well as a modest donation in the form of clothing, shoes, baby food and diapers.
Mladiinfo Montenegro will continue to help families, and also implement more similar actions. We do not lose hope for these families and expect more citizens to respond and help them.
Volunteerism is one of the most effective forms of citizen participation in community development processes, affirming the noblest in people – freedom, equal opportunities, security and justice for all. The United Nations declared 5th December as International Volunteer Day, while 2001 was designated International Volunteer Year.

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