m!M collaborating on Toward Social Economy project

The NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” has become a project partner in “Toward Social Economy: Young Innovators as Forerunners of Positive Changes in V4 and WB6 countries” project.

The project focuses on the concept of social economy, which encompasses three innovative perspectives:

1) Sharing positive experiences between two regions
2) Social economy analysis from the EU enlargement perspective-sharing of integration experiences between V4 countries
3) Assertion of the role of young people in establishing mutual
understanding and developing practices in social economy entreprises and organizations, in Europe

Considering all of the factors mentioned above, experienced partners from V4 and WB6 countries have formed a consortium focusing on policy-making in the field of social economy and empowerment of young people.

The aim of the consortium is to analyse social economy trends in two regions in the light of the EU enlargement, World Bank’s potential to improve financial and social growth in the countries, as well as to contribute to the growth of human resources through skills development initiatives for empowering young people from the regions facing brain drain.

The project envisages improvement of the policy measures and action plans for the V4 and WB6 countries, by developing environment conducive to sustainable development and promotion of achievements of the V4 countries in the field of social economy. Both young people and state-owned companies will have an opportunity to promote its achievements in regard to empowering young people to become socially responsible and aware of the importance of innovative solutions for the current problems within the societies. The project will be supported by the Visegrad Fund, with the aim to improve awareness of the importance of the EU enlargement.

The project partners are: Mladiinfo Internationl (North Macedonia), DIVAC Foundation (Serbia), MUNJA Aggregator (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mladiinfo Montenegro (Montenegro), Beyond Barriers (Albania), Bakan Green Foundation (Kosovo), Mladiinfo Slovensko (Slovenia), Nadacia pontis (Slovakia), Czech Youth Association (Czech Republic), Central Europe Association Hungary (Hungary), Institute for New Technologies (Poland).

The project is financed by the Visegrad Fund.

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